Country Homes Campers Updated Shady Boy Price

Shady Boy Awning is a lightweight awning and it only takes a few minutes to set it up and to put it back on its case.

Silver $660.00
Silver w/ poles $720.00

Sales Tax is 7.25%

Shipping Add $10.00 across the board for shipping

CA $62.00
Central & Midwest $68.00
East Coast $75.00

The awning comes in a reflective Silver color but other colors (Burgundy, Dark Blue, Light Blue) may be available upon request. We recommend the silver material for hot and sunny locations. We also recommend our custom awning brackets to prevent drilling holes into your van roof.

Check out more details about the Shady Boy Awning. For your inquiries, please contact us at (815) 346-3337.

Country Homes Campers - Shady Boy Awning Price Update - Camper Van with Shady Boy

Image from Happier Camper

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