Installation Guide

Shady Boy Camper Awning

Shady Boy Camper Awning: Red Lock Latch

The Lock is designed to keep your Shady Boy awning door closed while driving. It also prevents people from opening your Shady Boy.

Shady Boy Camper Awning: Canvas Removal

How to replace your Shady Boy awning canvas

Camper With Open Awning
Q: How do I install the awning?
A: Two”U” shaped brackets are screwed to the top of your van. Brackets are provided with the awning. Follow along as we show you step by step how to install the awning on your camper.

Then go watch us as we demonstrate how to set up and take down your Shadyboy awning.

SHADY BOY Camper Awning Installation Guide
Gary Miller, Personalized Vans & Trucks, using an air wrench to power drive the mounting screws into the bus. Ouch!
Here is a sample installation procedure:

Step 1: Order awning (this one came with stainless steel mounting brackets, silver reflective material and extra fiberglass poles for wind).

Step 2: Q: Will I also need to drill it in?
A: Yes, the brackets which are included have to be screwed into the roof of your van. The brackets come with double sided tape. This way you can place the awning on the roof, make sure it clears the top, and then when you have situated it properly you can then mark the holes, drill and screw. It is very easy.

Tip: locate the brackets up where the pop-top rubber trim fits into the “U” of the bracket when the top is down.
Shady Boy Installation Guide Step
Step 3: Caulking the fittings
Shady Boy installation guide step
Step 4: Installation finished!
This is easily a DIY job. You need a center punch, 5/32 drill bit, Loctite Silicone.
Shady Boy Installation Guide final Step
A shady drive way. Cocktail time!
Q: Does it come with installation instructions?
A: Yes, the instructions will explain everything for you to do the job just right. Everything from the size of the drill that you will need to how to mount the brackets. And setup is quick and easy and takes only one person.
One last trick, – the center rod goes in last and comes out first.
Q: Is the awning easily removable for those times it’s not going to be needed?
A: Yes you can remove the awning at any time. The brackets do need to stay on your van. And the Awning is small enough so that it looks good on your van. It is also light enough (less than 15 pounds) so it will not affect your mileage.
Q: Can you help me install it?
A: Yes, our installers in California can install one for you. We ship the awning and they install it. Visit our installer’s websites (open in new window):

Volks Cafe, Santa Cruz
Personalized Vans and Trucks, San Jose

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