Shady Boy Awning

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$450.00 / $485.00

We love the amazing Shady Boy motorhome awning – a great custom RV awning!

  • No moving parts!
  • No more support poles!
  • Weighs less than 15 pounds!


Cost $450 / $485
Sales Tax $34.88 / $37.59
Shipping $52.00
Total $566.88 / $574.59


West Coast

Cost $450 / $485
Shipping $52.00
Total $502.00 / $537.00


Central & Midwest

Cost $450 / $485
Shipping $58.00
Total $508.00 / $543.00


East Coast

Cost $450 / $485
Shipping $65.00
Total $515.00 / $550.00



Awning case and cover are made of extruded aluminum.
Awning base anodized in clear.
Awning cover anodized in clear. (matte black optional)
Housing length is approx. 49 in / 125 cm.
Fabric width 10 ft / 305 cm , projection is 6 ft / 183 cm ft out.
Total weight approx. 14 lb / 7 kg.

The awning comes in a reflective Silver color but other colors (Burgundy, Dark Blue, Light Blue) may be available upon request. We recommend the silver material for hot and sunny locations.

Extra poles cost $35.00 and the awning will come with stainless brackets and hardware to install on your camper. We highly recommend these for windy conditions.

The awning can be mounted with our custom brackets or directly onto your vehicle. Deployment of the fabric takes just a few minutes and is easy for one person to do. Simply insert the supporting rods into the designated holes and tuck the opposite ends into the pockets of the fabric. Supplied guy lines allow you to adjust the height of the fabric. Taking it down is the reverse procedure: wrap the fabric around the rods and roll it towards the awning case. The fabric and rods can easily be removed from the case if you want to store it during the off-season.

View the Installation Guide
View Shady Boy Awning Photo Gallery

Additional Info

We love the amazing motorhome awning – a great custom RV awning!

It’s real popular among VW Vanagon, Eurovan and other camper owners.

These and other campers don’t have a roofline long enough to accommodate a 10 ft wide awning in a nice streamlined appearance.

The attractive anodized aluminum housing is only 50 inches long.

The fabric stretches to 10 feet wide and 6 feet out.

Solid fiberglass rods are inserted at each side. They hold up the fabric nice and tight.

Supplied string tie-downs can be attached at the outside corners to stabilize the fabric in windy conditions.

View Installation Guide
View Shady Boy Awning Photo Gallery


Q: What colors does it come in?

A: Silver only, but other colors (Burgundy, Light Blue and Dark Blue) maybe available. Silver is a reflective material that keeps you cooler. The photo of the Shady Boy above shows the color patches.

Q: What options are available?

A: Fiberglass down-draft poles – for additional stability in high wind situations – at additional charge of only $35.00

Custom bracket – clamps to rain gutter instead of standard mount which screws to your van. Learn more here about our Shady Boy Custom Brackets

Q: What vans does it fit on?

A: VW Vanagon, Eurovan, Westfalia, Sprinter and many others!

Q: Are there any moving parts that can wear out?

A: Nope, no moving parts!

Q: How much does it weigh?

A: The lightweight Shady Boy awning weighs LESS than 15 pounds!

Q: What material are the brackets and bolts made of?

A: Stainless steel, for additional protection against rust

Q: What material is the fabric made of? Canvas, nylon, or that cheap PVC stuff?

A: It is made of a high quality nylon that is very tightly weaved. This makes the material light and yet water- proof


Q: Is it waterproof (as opposed to simply water-resistant)?

A: The material is highly water resistant but not 100% Waterproof.

Q: Is this a permanent attachment?

A: The Awning can be installed on vehicles with or without rain gutters with the standard permanent screwed-in brackets. You may also purchase our Shady Boy Custom Brackets which clamp to your rain gutters.

Q: How do I install the awning?

A: Two”U” shaped brackets are screwed to the top of your van. Brackets are provided with the awning.
Visit our Shady Boy Installation page to see the installation procedure.

Here is a photo of the “U” shaped bracket installed on a Vanagon: Awning bracket

Q: Will I need to drill it in?

A: Yes the brackets which are included have to be screwed into the roof of your van. The brackets come with double sided tape. This way you can place the awning on the roof, make sure it clears the top, and then when you have situated it properly you can then mark the holes, drill and screw. It is very easy.
If your van has rain gutters you can purchase our optional custom brackets which clamp to rain gutters. Learn more here about our Shady Boy Custom Brackets

Q: Does it come with installation instructions?

A: Yes, the instructions will explain everything for you to do the job just right. Everything from the size of the drill that you will need to how to mount the brackets. And setup is quick and easy and takes only one person.

Visit our Shady Boy Installation page to see the installation procedure.

Q: Is the awning easily removable for those times it is not needed?

A: Yes you can remove the awning at any time. The brackets do need to stay on your van. Also the Shady Boy Awning is small enough so it has a low profile on your van and does not need to be removed. It is also light enough (less than 15 pounds) so it will not affect your mileage. If you have raingutters you can also use our optional Shady Boy Custom Brackets which clamp to your rain gutter and are completely removable.


Q: Can you help me install it?

A: Yes, our installers in California can install one for you. We ship the awning and they install it. Visit our installer’s websites (open in new window):

Visit our Shady Boy Installation page to see the installation procedure.

Q: Can I see some more photos of the installed ShadyBoy?

A: Our customers have sent us these photos of installed ShadyBoy awnings.

Q: How much is the Shady Boy?

A: Our price is so much lower than the competition! Click here for latest pricing.

1 review for Shady Boy Awning

  1. Vernon

    Just a note to tell you how pleased we are with our shady boy awning. Unlike with most people, our awning gets what I would call commercial use, and we have had this product over a year. With about 10 camping trips and farmers markets every friday for about 5 months.

    My wife can put it up by her self. These markets are up on a mesa in AZ near an airport and wind is pretty strong most of the time. All in all this thing is great. It has had major rain on it in the Colorado mountains. Still cooked dinner under the awning that night.

    OK… so we like it!

    Thank you

    Runs With Scissors Sharpening LLC
    Sedona AZ

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