3.27 VW Ring & Pinion “Super Flier” for Vanagon

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We proudly offer our new custom Super Flier Ring and Pinion (R&P) for the Automatic VW Vanagon: Increase your gas mileage and save your transmission by reducing your RPM.

Cost per Super Flier 3.27 Ring & Pinion:

$1,560.00 + Shipping

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VW Vanagon Super Flier 3.27 Ring & Pinion Freeway Flier Upgrade

Exclusive VW Ring & Pinion offer from Country Homes Campers!

CHC custom Super Flier 3.27 VW Ring & Pinion (R&P) for the Water-Cooled Automatic VW Vanagon.

VW “Super Flier” Ring and Pinion Advantages:

  • Save your automatic transmission
  • Reduce your RPM’s by 800 revolutions (depending on size of rims and tires)
  • Increasing your gas mileage (MPG) by up to 23%
  • Any qualified installer with a VW setting tool can install this Ring and Pinion
  • Choose your own R&P installer or use one of our recommended shops
  • Not a cheap knockoff product
  • New high quality production using the finest materials

The reduction in RPMs is especially important for more powerful Subaru, Ford and other motor conversions. Instead of increasing tire and rim size to decrease your RPM’s which puts strain on your transmission, the R&P Super Flier swap is the better modification to make to significantly lower your RPMs.

The new lower revolution Super Flier R&P‘s will be lapped together (ring and pinion are running together) and labeled with VW’s settings. We have also been successful in using the paint method for setting the R&P.

CHC offers VW Vanagon Ring and Pinions in three ratios:
Super Flier 3.08 ratio VW R&P
Super Flier 3.27 ratio VW R&P
Super Flier 3.73 ratio VW R&P

Country Homes Campers are your van and camper parts and accessories experts! Check out our exclusive VW transmission parts and accessories.

Read some of our customer testimonials to see why Country Homes is a trusted name for Vanagon and other VW camper parts. Or contact us with your VW Camper Van comments and questions.

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE: Country Homes prices are subject to change without notice at any time, including (without limitation) between the date of buyer’s order and the date of shipment. Buyer shall be liable for the prices in effect on the date of shipment.

We ship the 3.27 VW Ring & Pinion within USA and Canada. Our preferred shipper is USPS.

Technical Data


Fuel Economy

Stock 4.09 at 70 MPH


~ 17 MPG

Custom 3.27 at 70 MPH


~ 21 MPG

Note: MPG based on test using tire size 215/60 R16 or 26″ diameter wheel

Super Flier R&P Product Testing

Testing was done with Subaru EJ25 converted van first using the stock 4.09 R&P and then the custom 3.27 R&P.

Because of the nature of the automatic with its torque converter, it was not feasible to generate exact RPM vs speed data since it depends on engine load. At the same speed it’s easily possible to have 500 rpm difference depending on the terrain. We ran multipe tests to accurately determine engine speed values at 70 MPH on flat terrain (to get a steady-load engine speed). We collected OBD engine data with special software and determined speed from a GPS unit.

At 70 MPH engine speed with the stock 4.09 R&P we measured 4150 RPM and with the 3.27 R&P ratio gearing it is approximately 3350 RPM. This results in approximately 800 RPM drop at 70 MPH. At 60 MPH we estimate 2900 RPM using the custom 3.27 R&P.

Super Flier R&P Fuel Economy Test

Testing was done with Subaru EJ25 converted van first using the stock 4.09 R&P and then the custom 3.27 R&P.

Super Flier R&P Test Statistics

Primary Test Vehicle

87 Westy Vanagon

Engine: 2010 EJ25 engine

Ambient temperature 70 F

Wind speed: minimal

Terrain: mostly country highway with several villages on route (several slower speed intervals)

Maximum speed: 60 MPH

Gas Consumption:

4.09 R&P gearing: 4.0 gallons of gas used, for a fuel economy of 17 miles per gallon US.

3.27 R&P gearing (same van and engine) same route, similar conditions. Gas consumption dropped to 3.2 gallons, for a fuel economy of 21 miles per gallon US.

Increase in fuel economy: 23%.

Tires: 215/60 R16 tires with stock vanagon diameter of about 26″

Transmission governor modified to adjust the shift points higher to take advantage of the subaru 2.5 liter engine’s much higher power (172hp/165 ft-lb) than the stock engine.

Acceleration from a stop with the stock 4.09 R&P gearing is very strong with more than adequate torque. Acceleration with the 3.27 R&P gearing still feels more than adequate – it still accelerates with full authority even on a steep incline.

Driving noise : significantly diminished since the engine is turning much slower.

With the 4.09 gearing, you have to push the accelerator down abnormally to get to 60 mph just to get the engine RPM high enough, much more acceleration than it should take based on the engine’s power. The 3.27 removes that effect and the acceleration to full speed is much more natural. On a mountain highway the van could accelerate up grades effortlessly. Going 70mph and want to go 75? Just push the pedal down a little bit and voila!

An interesting side effect is that the 2nd gear actually becomes usable at highway speeds with the power of the 2.5 liter Subaru. Approaching a car traveling around 50 to 55 mph and wanting to pass on a straight section, I pushed the accelerator down and was surprised by a downshift to second gear at around 55 mph, something impossible with the 4.09 R&P gearing.

Additional Test Vehicle

California-compliant EJ22 Multivan (passenger van with pop top) and stock sized tires.

Owner is extremely satisfied with driveability and overall performance.

On highway such as toward Tahoe, when the EJ22 cannot keep up on heavy inclines, the 3.27 allows him to shift down to second gear and climb the hill at 60+ mph still.

The 3.27 gear set is ideal for high-power conversion engines such as:

  • Subaru 4-cylinder EJ25
  • Subaru 6-cylinder EZ30
  • Subaru 6-cylinder EG33
  • Higher torque diesels such as VW 4-cylinder TDI
  • VW 4-cylinder 1.8L Turbo
  • Other engine conversions in that range

The 3.27 gear set is also usable for engines such as:

  • Smaller 4-cylinder Subaru EJ22
  • Worked VW Waterboxer engine
  • Zetec
  • Tiico
  • Other inline engines

Note: vans should not be overly heavy. Tire diameter should be around stock size. Not advised for very high altitude usage.

Table I

4.09 vs 3.27 Super Flier Ring and Pinion Comparison: Heat (Temperature in Celsius) and mean RPM

Our tests to determine transmission heat changes gave us the following results. They show that there is minimal difference in transmission temperature between the two R&Ps.


Instructions for 3.27 R&P Install

Ring Gear:

  1. Before taking the differential all apart measure the factory back-lash setting. Use that setting for the new R&P.
  1. Measure the thickness of the original Ring Gear and measure the thickness of our Ring Gear. Our Gear is slightly thinner therefore you will have to cut down the bolts accordingly. Usually 2 or 3 threads.

Pinion Gear:

  1. Make sure you are using the correct S3 shim. This is very important. Use a 1.3mm shim, part number 082 519 141 AN. This is the shim behind the Pinion gear on the shaft between the gear and tapered bearing. To find correct S4 shim you will have to follow the Bentley manual and measure 2 or 3 times to make sure you get the correct S4 shim or measure the original S3 and compensate. For example if the original S3 shim is 1.5mm and you replacing it with a 1.3mm then you have to add .2mm to the S4 shim. This is a guide, some installers go by feel and they are the good ones.
  1. To switch out the pinion gear you must heat the pinion gear and freeze the shaft. Make sure you line up the ridges and press it on. Use the Bentley Manual to check temperatures.
  1. As for the preloads the bearings will dictate that setting. Please use German bearings and not the Chinese copies.
  1. When all is complete use the paint method to check the pattern of the gears. If they look good finish the install.
  1. Use the correct Hypoid lubricant in the differential. The Bentley Manual states Hypoid oil SAE 90, Mil-L2105 B about 1.3 quarts. If you can’t get this oil then use an equivalent. No Redline, this will void all Warranty.


  1. Rebuild the differential with new bearings, gaskets etc. You do not want to mix new parts with old parts.
  1. If you have more questions you can contact me at 858-922-6424(cell) or email me at info@countryhomescampers.com

Enjoy your new 3.27 Ring and Pinion.

We recommend these shops in the United States and Canada as qualified installers for our Super Flier R&P.

West Coast

Tel (619) 441-0133
Ask for Eric Laundrie

Ed’s Transmission Northgate
Tel (206) 525-2434
Ask for Chuck


Rocky Mountain Westy
172 Spaulding Ln
Fort Collins, CO 80524


Subaru Engine Conversions for Vanagon
Tel: 570-561-2734
Ask for Hans



Please contact us for sales outside North American.


If you are interested in becoming a Super Flier R&P vendor please Contact CHC for jobber prices and further information.

Warranty & Returns

Super Flier R&P Warranty

Country Homes Campers distributes products from many top manufacturers worldwide and it is our goal to provide excellent quality parts to our customers. If, at the time of sale, you are not satisfied with the quality of a product you purchase from us, we may, at our discretion, replace the product or issue a refund. HoweverWE MAKE NO WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE INSTALLATION OR USE OF THE PRODUCTS WE SELL.



Super Flier R&P Returns

All returns are subject to a minimum 15% restocking fee. A Country Homes sales representative must be notified before any returns are accepted. No collect shipments will be accepted. All returns must be received within 45 days of the invoice date and a copy of the original invoice must be included.


No credit will be given for items that have been installed or items that appear used or damaged in any way (cosmetic damage included).

Important: using redline lubricant will void all warranty.


Those of you that have seen Country Homes Campers at one of the many camper events may be familiar with our 1991 VW Vanagon with custom interior by Country Homes Campers.

Because we strongly believe in our products we use them. In fact we’ve been running our 3.27 R&P for a 7 years now.

After 60,000 miles of use we removed our 3.27 R&P and took some photos to show off the quality and durability of our product. This is what a quality R&P looks like when installed properly, with the correct lubricant (e.g. no redline) and cooler (our recommended cooler).

Country Homes is actually the only supplier that can prove our product is the best out there because we were the first to offer and extensively test this product.  We have 7 years experience using testing and installing   these custom ratios.

In 2020 we will install this same 3.27 R&P into our differential and after another 60,000 miles we’ll pull it out again to check the durability.

Our 1991 Country Homes Camper uses a 2.5 Frankin Subaru motor (165HP). We replace the ATF, gaskets and screen every 2 years as recommended by VW. The gear oil used is Swepco 201 Gear Oil, 80/90 and Dextron 2 ATF or equivalent.

Needless to say, we are looking forward to another trouble free 60K.

5 reviews for 3.27 VW Ring & Pinion “Super Flier” for Vanagon

  1. Mike

    “I have this R&P set up in my 85 camper with a 2.5 Subaru. It has been out on a loaner to a friend on the east coast for a couple years. I just went back there last month and drove the van from VT to NJ. It is the most enjoyable van I have ever driven. I have driven a lot of combinations. This past weekend I drove a 2.5L conversion with a stock Auto. It was pretty rough. I wanted to do 80mph(traffic speed) but the rpms were like 4800 to 5000.

    If you have the power to pull this gear set, BUY IT!! the expense will make up in the long run. Gas mileage will be better and wear and tear on the engine is way less.

    Thanks Salim for bringing this to the Vanagon world!”
    Rocky Mountain Westy Inc.


  2. Stephan

    “We have been driving the 1.8T Automatic 3.27 R&P’ed Vanagon around for several weeks now. I wanted to wait to post anything until we drove the Vanagon in the foothills around here.

    In a word. Perfect! The 3.27 R&P works very will with our 1.8T engine conversion. The engine is very happy hovering around lower RPM’s with this R&P. My concern was the RPM would be too low but not the case. Cruised up the hill in third gear easy at 65 -70 MPH. Still can kick down into second gear (!) if needed.

    We are going to recommend the 3.27 R&P with all our 1.8T / Automatic engine conversions that get rebuilt now.

    Thanks for producing this product! Looking forward to more installs! ”

    Stephan Auto Haus
    Sacramento, CA

  3. Alan

    Hi Salim,

    The ring and pinion gear set have made a huge improvement in highway driving of my Westy. I have EJ2.5 engine and with the stock gearing it was fatiguing driving at highway speed with the engine at 4,000 RPM. I have seen a small improvement in gas mileage too but the biggest benefit is definitely the drive-ability. The quality of the gears looked good and they are very quiet.

    I would also like to put in a plug for Erwin. He did a great job with the installation and followed it up with an inspection and oil change after a month of driving. He also rebuilt the converter, transmission and installed a TBD all of which work perfectly. While he had the van he also cleaned up some loose ends from the original engine swap, fixed some cracks in my headers and found a vacuum leak that was degrading power brake performance. He is the best and I would highly recommend him for the gearing swap as well as engine conversions.


  4. Troy Bullard

    I ordered your 3.27 R&P, and had my transmission rebuilt at the same time. Couldn’t be happier with this ratio. My transmission was starting to leak and spew fluid when I ordered the R&P. I held on to it until after our family’s camping vacation.

    A month later, I went camping for a week. (130 miles with a small kayak trailer, and 6 kayaks.) Luckily, we got it home. The transmission was leaking so bad, I had to wipe my back window 3 times, as well as check the fluids, and add ATF. Let’s agree that I got everything out of the transmission I could.

    Before the install, revving 4000 at 60 mph would cause the oil to get thinner than it should. This caused the valves to chatter very loud. That would eventually calm down. (3-5 minutes) Speed was a slow 60-65 mph at best, and at 4200 rpm. The temperature gauge would creep up to between the light, and the hot mark. Power was at best sustainable, but with high winds, forget it. My ignition coil would cut out and even went out completely twice because it was getting too hot. My Vanagon was just not going to survive.

    We took the transmission out and turned it in to the shop I was talking to about the rebuild. They charged me for the rebuild and a very small amount of $85 to swap the R&P. This took 3 weeks, because of the rarity of the transmission, and the need to replace a couple parts they broke because the transmission is 28 years old.

    When I got it back, we installed it. Seven quarts of ATF, for the transmission and the torque converter, and 1 ½ quarts of 80w gear oil in the differential, and we were on our way. Driving it is great. I broke it in slow. (1000 miles) My fuel economy went up 3 mpg, which wasn’t much, but at least in the right direction. The best part is my 2.1 water boxer stock engine actually performs better since this install.

    Now, I can go 85-90 mph, and the valves won’t chatter from start to finish. It will barely make that Volkswagen chatter in the least. My engine seems to like this new R&P very well. Country Home Campers suggested a Subaru/Tiico/VR6 conversion, and I agreed, but I still needed the money for that. I was thinking I could simply drive 60 mph in 2nd gear if I needed to. Turns out I don’t have to at all. Inclines might have a downshift, but I only saw it downshift in a mountain pass. It still kept up with itself on the inclines I was wondering about. It might drop from 75 to 70 or 65 mph, but it didn’t need to downshift at all. Temperature went down to below the light on the gauge, and only goes up if I am going through town with several stoplights, but still only goes to just above the light.

    I asked Salim Miro, from Country Home Campers, some pretty tough questions, and I would like to better answer them here.
    • First, I wanted to know the RPM’s at 70-80-and 90 mph. 70mph will do 3600 RPM roughly; 80 MPH will do 3850 RPM roughly; 90 mph will do 4100 RPM roughly.
    • Second, I wanted to know what 60 mph will do in 2nd gear. This is just in case I needed to drop it in 2nd gear for high winds or hills because I am still carrying my 90 hp water boxer. Second gear will carry 60 mph at 4000 RPM. And in case anyone wants to know, 1st gear will do 35 mph at 3600 RPM.
    • Shift points are the same 4400 RPM’s, which is good. 1st gear will shift at 38 mph. 2nd gear will shift at 64 mph. It feels amazing how much stride I can get out of each gear.

    I am not a transmission technician, but I do understand the difference between a 4.09:1 ratio and a 3.27:1 ratio. I found a 3.73:1 ratio in a few places, but I was not impressed with the feedback from other mechanics about the company, and the product. Also, the 3.73:1 ratio simply was not enough of a drop, considering I am replacing my 90 hp water boxer with a VR6 inside 3 months.

    I do recommend this R&P for any water cooled automatic Vanagon. I suggest including this if anyone is planning to rebuild their automatic transmission. If rebuilding is the next step, do it right.

    Troy Bullard
    West Jordan, UT

  5. Mark

    I had to replace a worn R&P in a customers Oettinger WBX6 and this was the ticket for providing great customer service. I would highly recommend a lower stall converter if you should use this [if you have the power]. Well worth the cost.

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