Marshmallow Date 1

Marshmallow Date 1

We have a new campfire recipe we would love for you to try out.

Tired of S’mores? Here is a great substitute:

Large Marshmallows
Long steel BBQ rods

Place the marshmallow on the rod first and push it down to make room for the Date. Slide date onto rod on top of marshmallow. Roast both over fire embers (stay away from the flames) until the marshmallow turns golden brown, starts to puff up and the center becomes very soft. Take your time, this takes several minutes. You want to also get the date nice and soft. Be careful not to burn your marshmallow or lose the date to the fire!

Marshmallow Date 2

Marshmallow Date 2

When your Marshmallow has puffed up, slowly slide the Marshmallow over the date.

Put the whole thing in your mouth and enjoy.
Be careful because it is very hot!

We need a name for this Date – Mallow Recipe!

We thought of “Date in a blanket” or “S’more buster”.

If you could give us some suggestions that would be great!

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