Happy Holidays from Country Homes Campers!

California-based Country Homes Campers (CHC) has over 30 years of experience working with quality Volkswagen, Ford and other model campers.

We are known for our camper conversions, and we are your camper van experts. Our specialty is camper vehicles and camper accessories.

Our elves have been busy adding new products to our online store!

Please visit our website www.CountryHomesCampers.com and do let us know what you think of all our new products!

Here’s a selection of what’s new:

Exclusive Vanagon SUPER FLIER Ring & Pinion

Country Homes Campers is proud to offer an exclusive custom Super Flier Ring and Pinion (R&P) for the Automatic VW Vanagon (water-cooled vehicles only).

Watch our VIDEO:

Super Flier Ring and Pinion


  • Save your transmission
  • Reduce your RPM’s by 800 revolutions (depending on size of rims and tires)
  • Increasing your gas mileage (MPG) by up to 23%
  • Any qualified installer with a VW setting tool can install this Ring and Pinion
  • Choose your own R&P installer or use one of our recommended shops
  • Not a cheap knockoff product
  • New high quality production using the finest materials

Super Flier achieves a 20% reduction in RPMs, which increases your fuel economy 23%. Lowering RPMs is especially important for more powerful Subaru, Ford and other motor conversions.

By increasing your tire and rim size you can also decrease your RPM’s but this puts strain on your transmission. The R&P Super Flier significantly lower your RPMs without increased strain on your transmission. So switching your R&P is the better modification to make.


ONLY $1,560.00 + Shipping.
3.08 VW Ring & Pinion “Super Flier” for Vanagon

New Quieter Water Pump

Some of our customers asked for a quieter 12 V Water Pump for their Country Homes Camper.

Say no more! Here it is!

Replacement 12V Sink Water Pump for CHC and Westfalia Campers

This new pump is a quieter pump that fits all CHC camper models from 1980 to 1991.


New CHC Ford and Toyota Manuals

Are you the lucky owner of one of our original Country Homes Camper coversions?

We now have updated PDF manuals for our CHC Ford and Toyota Conversions.

They are a free download from our website:


That’s all the holiday suprises that Santa Salim and his elves have in store for you today.

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