Here are two good reasons to upgrade your Vanagon wheels:

  1. Safety
  2. Better handling

The 14″ wheels that come standard on a Vanagon are too small to do the job. Plus it’s impossible to find tires that fit the standard Vanagon wheels and meet the safety requirements for the weight of the 4000-pound vehicle.

The original VW Vanagon wheels are 14″ diameter by 5.5″ width (i.e. depth). When you upgrade you’ll be looking at wheels ranging from 7″ to 7.5″ in width.

Wider wheels means more tire touching the ground so the van will handle more smoothly. So that should convince you to get wider wheels for a smoother, safer ride. But which ones?

If your Vanagon is a Syncro, consider 16″ wheels. For all other Vanagons, 15″ wheels are preferred. Vanagon wheels are generally made of either steel or aluminum alloy. Steel wheels are heavier, cheaper but kinda Ugly. Alloy wheels are stronger, lighter, and do not require hub caps. So we recommend alloys.

Wide wheels may also require the use of a spacer so the tires don’t sit too close together. So we suggest 15″ Alloy wheels with the standard 5 x 112 bolt pattern which doesn’t require spacers.

Order your GTI Alloy Wheel and experience the difference.

GTI Alloy Wheel