CHC Sticker



Original Country Homes Stickers for your pop-top.

Please note: We will add $8 for shipping/handling, and 8% sales tax for California residents.

California residents only

price 8.00
shipping 8.00
tax 0.62
paypal 0.58

Lower 48 states residents (except California)

price 8.00
shipping 8.00
paypal 0.56


price 8.00
shipping 16.00
paypal 0.84



These stickers are out of print and will not be made in the future. I have a few left, the price for each sticker is $8.00 + Shipping & Handling (flat rate of $8). Get yours now before they disappear.


Use soap and water and spray on both the top and the sticker. Place the sticker where you want it and with a squeegee remove the soap and water from the sticker and remove any air bubbles. Do not wipe dry the sticker after you squeegee all the air bubbles. Let the sticker air dry.

Additional information

Shipping Location

CA, Outside CA, International Shipping


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