Those of you that have seen Country Homes Campers at one of the many camper events may be familiar with our 1991 VW Vanagon with custom interior by Country Homes Campers.

Because we strongly believe in our products we use them. In fact, we’ve been running our 3.27 R&P for 7 years now.

After 60,000 miles of use, we removed our 3.27 R&P and took some photos to show off the quality and durability of our product. This is what a quality R&P looks like when installed properly, with the correct lubricant (e.g. no redline) and cooler (our recommended cooler).

Country Homes is actually the only supplier that can prove our product is the best out there because we were the first to offer and extensively test this product. We have 7 years of experience using testing and installing these custom ratios.

In 2020 we will install this same 3.27 R&P into our differential and after another 60,000 miles we’ll pull it out again to check the durability.

Our 1991 Country Homes Camper uses a 2.5 Frankin Subaru motor (165HP). We replace the ATF, gaskets and screen every 2 years as recommended by VW. The gear oil used is Swepco 201 Gear Oil, 80/90 and Dextron 2 ATF or equivalent.

Needless to say, we are looking forward to another trouble-free 60K.

Ring and Pinion Reliability 05 Ring and Pinion Reliability 04 Ring and Pinion Reliability 03

Ring and Pinion Reliability 02 Ring and Pinion Reliability 01