Clean your camper regularly!

Keep it clean, disinfected and reduce the spread of germs like that COVID-19 virus.

Our cleaning and disinfecting tips are based on CDC guidelines.

Hard Surfaces (table countertop, sink, toilet, dashboard)

We all know there’s a difference between simple cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning removes dirt, germs and impurities using soap and water. Cleaning doesn’t kill all germs. Cleaning lowers their numbers and reduces the risk of infection. It is a good habit to regularly clean. After using soap and water to clean, use a disinfectant to kill any germs that remain.

  • Clean with soap and water first, then disinfect
  • Disinfect with diluted bleach solution, 70% or higher alcohol, or household disinfectants.

Soft surfaces (carpet, furniture, rug, drapes)

After cleaning and disinfecting solid surfaces, you should clean soft surfaces too:

  • upholstery
  • drapes
  • carpet

Vacuum any debris and clean any stains with cleaners that you normally use for such surfaces. If the item can be thrown in the laundry then do so. Disinfect using EPA approved.


Lots of germs hide on items you touch regularly, such phones, GPS, laptops and tablets. Clean and disinfect them regularly as well.

How often?

We recommend you clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily:

  • table
  • doorknobs
  • light switches
  • countertops
  • drawer handles
  • desks
  • phones
  • keyboards
  • toilets
  • faucets
  • sinks
  • steering wheel
  • dashboard
  • door handles

Clean your Camper


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