Freeway Flier Vanagon Automatic Transmission is Completely Rebuilt!

Freeway Flier Vanagon Automatic TransmissionCountry Homes CampersFreeway Flier Vanagon Automatic Transmission is completely rebuilt. Our R&P will reduce your RPM’s by 800, thereby increasing your gas mileage (MPGs).

Instead of increasing tire and rim size to decrease your RPM’s which puts strain on your transmission, the R&P swap is the best modification you can do to save your transmission and increase your MPG. These R&P’s are brand new custom built.

This is especially important for customers who have more powerful Subaru, Ford, VW 1.8T and other motor conversions for their vanagons.

Included with the trans-axle is a rebuilt torque converter. A new oil cooler is NOT included. In addition to the automatic section, the differential section is completely rebuilt with all new bearings, seals and gaskets.

Please read entire description of the Freeway Flier Vanagon Automatic Transmission and contact us for your custom quote.