Question from Kep K.
Subject: Pop Top


I’d like any info concerning availability of entire pop-tops – the Country Homes Campers type.

I have an ’86 Country Homes weekender type Vanagon and want to add a CHC pop-top to my ’86 syncro.

Does anyone install Country Homes poptops any more? Not interested in camp equipment inside, just the pop top!

Also do you sell replacement rubber trim for edge of your poptops. I need it for my ’86 country homes camper.

Also were there pop tops offered in more than one height? (when raised)?

I noticed in your pictures two children sitting up in the pop top. Our
’86 country home doesn’t open up that high.

Any help/leads would be appreciated.

Answer from Country Homes Campers
Dear Kep,

to order a seal you can go to Go Westy or Van Cafe and order one.

When you order from Van-Cafe make sure it is for the Country Homes and not the Westfalia.

Here are the links:

All our tops opened at the same height.  You may need new springs or struts. Here is a link to the recommended Struts:

Also Dave Jordan installs pop tops.

Dave lives in Pleasant Hill, CA.

Phone: 925-945-1736
Good Luck,

Salim M
Country Homes Campers