Camper Van Conversions

So you’re interested in a minivan conversion?
Let Country Homes Campers help you!

First some handy tips:

  1. Old vans are often NOT worth converting due to costs involved .
  2. A NEW conversion from a dealer usually costs over $10,000
  3. Often BUYING A USED VAN with a conversion is your best choice.
    Conversion costs are independent of vehicles age.
  4. We are your only source for our classic camper designs (a Canadian company offers a different type of conversion).
  5. Look at our classic camper designs first!

Next, we recommend that you select from these conversion options:

Option A:

Basic Pop-top installation only LOOK HERE!

Option B:

Interior Conversion with Standard options:

  • Cabinet – Curtains – Screens
  • Porta- Potty
  • Carpet for center of Van
  • Dual Battery charging system
  • Sink
  • 8 gal water tank
  • 110V outlet
  • Table – Drawer – Closet
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Propane and CO detector
  • Rear Light

Optional Equipment:

  • Built-in stove (3 gal tank)
  • Awning
  • Sunroof
  • Luggage rack
  • Swivel Seat

At Country Homes, we make your camping trips a pleasurable experience. Because we are camping enthusiasts!

Country Homes Owners Manual PDF format requires Adobe Reader adobe reader Camper Van Conversions

Take a virtual tour of our classic camper designs:

aerosm Camper Van Conversions

Ford Aerostar



vanagon Camper Van Conversions

VW Vanagon



eurosm Camper Van Conversions

VW Eurovan



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